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bioWhen Rebeca was three years old, she used to wake up early, when everyone was asleep, looking forward to decorate with crayons the walls of her grandmother´s house. To preserve the white of the walls of her home, Juana tried to entertain Rebeca by teaching her how to sew; at the same time,  her father used to put her to draw "inside the line".  With six years she got chickenpox and, when her mother asked her if she wanted to bring her something, she, in a shy way replied: Yes, a book by Gloria Fuertes. So it all started there.

She plunged into a world of books, needles, threads, drawings and paintings. When she grew up, almost as much as the walls surrounding the city she born in, she decided to devote her life to the arts. She moved to Salamanca, where she discovered the secrets of the Fine Arts. Later, she traveled to Madrid to improve design skills.

The heart prompted her to cross oceans and fulfill one of her dreams: getting into children illustration. Activity which combines with design work. Being freelance allows her to travel, to attend to workshops and work for several an very different projects... and besides working, she collaborates with development cooperation initiatives promoted by NGOs. She has received several awards as a young creative in painting and photography, and her work has been exhibited at the different cities she has lived in and a few more.

Now she still wakes up early surrounded by ball-pens, pencils, lace, fabric and paper in Phnom Penh



These are the books I have illustrated until this moment.


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